Ozone Generators
and Systems

Ozone Generators and Systems

CATEC has developed and manufactures some of the best Ozone Generators available today. Through many generations of improvements, we have constantly improved their performance and reliability for peak performance.

Available in 8, 16, 30 and 60 and 120 gm/hr. All units are self-contained with an adjustable positive pressure output and come standard with flow adjust, power indicator, Ozone “on” indicator, remote capability. The systems are designed for continuous duty or can be controlled remotely by a switch closure or electronic feedback.

CATEC’s exclusive Vari-Zone® feature allows ozone concentration levels to be controlled from 0% – 100%, either manually or from electronic feedback such as an ORP feedback loop. This allows for constant monitoring and feedback to insure pre-set concentration levels are maintained. High and low level alarms may also be set. CATEC can supply everything needed to suit your particular situation.

CATEC offers Ozone generators and systems for disinfection and deodorizing a wide array of issues from water treatment to sanitizing spaces. Contact us today for no obligation recommendations.

Ozone Generators

CAT1200 Black Background

CATEC Ozone Generator

Self contained with onboard air compressor and oxygen concentrators, CATEC Ozone Generators are very high in quality and reliability. From 2 gm/hr to 200 gm/hr, Call or e-mail us for details.

Disaster Truck Ozone

Ecosphere Technologies Inc. was on the scene with its mobile emergency water filtration system providing clean water to the citizens of Waveland, Mississippi when their municipal water supply was compromised after Hurricane Katrina. The vehicle can produce clean, potable water from rivers, streams and other water sources. CATEC supplied the High Performance Ozone Generators onboard this vehicle as well as contributing many other significant projects.



Ozone Systems

CATEC Ozone Recirculation Systems which are designed to run either continuous, from an onboard timer or from a signal feedback such as ORP. Onboard pump and controls make this an easy to use and operate recirculation system for many applications. These turn-key units are available with many different configurations of pump and ozone sizing so they may be adapted to many applications.

Contact CATEC to see what is right for your application.

CWR-Recirc System

Ozone Generator System

The onboard Auto-Bypass system will default to fresh water if there is a system or power failure. You can also pick and choose reclaim or fresh water with the press of a button. CATEC’s Exclusive Sludge Interceptor (included with ACF Filter Systems) captures dirt and sludge from the self-cleaning cycle, removing it from the system. If you are going to backwash, this only makes sense.

Deodorizing Systems

CATEC Odor Terminator Series

Odor Terminator

Safely and effectively kill odors and sanitize:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • RV’s
  • Fire and Flood Restoration
  • Rooms
  • Bars
  • Casino’s

Simply plug the unit in and let it run for the preset time outlined in the instruction manual.

These units are also effective for running off unwanted pests such as rodents, bats, bugs, reptiles and more.

CATEC offers several sizes. Contact us today to discuss your needs.





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