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Commercial Water Reclaim Systems

CATEC Water Reclaimation Systems make treating and reusing water safe, easy and environmentally friendly.

Commercial Water Reclamation for:Rainwater UV 40

  • Storm Water, gray water, ground water, condensate, softener & filter backwash, pool backwash, commercial rainwater harvesting and more.
  • From small projects to high-rise buildings, CATEC has the equipment for your project.
  • Modular systems allow us to match and marry disinfection and filtration to suite your requirements all on one skid
  • Micro-processor controlled, offers freedom of sensors, monitoring selection parameter. 

CATEC’s Rainwater Reuse Systems are available in many sizes and configurations to meet the building requirements from 10 to 300 GPM. All provide treated, filtered water On-demand to your selected water utilities. We will assist you through all phases of Design, installation, operation and maintenance so there is no guesswork.


CATEC’s powerful Ozone, UV or Chemical injection systems (we offer all three) destroys bacteria, spores and microbes, which ensures the water is safe for reuse. Onboard filtration is provided to remove particles greater than one micron. The systems will not release reuse water until it is up to a preset disinfection level.


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CATEC  can custom design to meet specific site requirements and owner expectations. Please contact CATEC with inquiries.

Ozone Systems

RW-OZ SERIES UNITS Turnkey water reuse systems, which arrive pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation and operation. A powerful ozone system aids in removing contaminants as well as disinfecting and deodorizing. The onboard purification process provides filtered, sanitized, odor-free water on-demand. No post holding tank or sump pump is required on most applications. The system’s small footprint takes only minimal space in the mechanical room.

CATEC RWR-OZ-100-ACFOracle RW-OZ-200THE OZONE RECIRCULATION SYSTEM Operated independently from the filtration pump system and is controlled by an ORP feedback system to ensure constant disinfection levels of minimum 0.05 mg/l. (approx.). The powerful ozone re-circulation system serves to disinfect any contaminants, so that they may be easily captured by the micro-pore filtration system. Ozone kills microbes, enzymes, and bacteria so that there will be no build-up of organic growth, nor will there be a build-up of odor-forming bacteria. Within minutes, ozone (O3) reverts back to oxygen (O2). This results in sanitized, odor-free water, with no harmful byproducts or contaminants.

THE PRIMARY FILTRATION SYSTEM Pump (and an associated filtration array) is designed for maximum water quality. The system receives ozone-treated, reclaimed water from the holding tank (cistern) and processes this water to remove all particulate matter of greater than five microns. In addition, the filtration system is self-cleaning (backwashing), requiring little or no maintenance. The system provides water “on demand” so no post-holding tanks are required. The “AutoBypass” feature automatically switches to fresh water when cistern water levels are low, ozone concentrations are low, or the filtration system is backwashing

UV Systems

CATEC RW-UV Series Ultraviolet Rainwater Reclamation Systems provide a clean, safe supply of harvested rainwater to commercial facilities.  These turnkey skid systems utilize powerful ultraviolet lamps, coupled with 2 micron filters and re-pressurization equipment to deliver clean, bacteria free, reclaimed water to toilets, urinals, cooling towers, and irrigation systems.


BENEFITS include significantly lower sewer and water fees, up to six (6) available LEED® points, and reduced environmental impact.

COMPACT: Turnkey system mounted on powder-coated aluminum skid – fits easily in any mechanical room.

EFFECTIVE: Powerful onboard ultraviolet reactor cells provide disinfection intensity greater than  40,000 micro-Watt Seconds per cm² (kills 99.99% of most common bacteria when operated within prescribed flow rate); post-UV.  Advanced filtration eliminates residual particulates.

On-board UVC sensor/meter displays UV intensity and initiates alarm/ fresh water bypass when UV intensity drops below effective levels. 

HYGIENIC: On-board, dual purpose circulator/ pressure pump (with pressure tank) provides steady supply of filtered rainwater at specified flow rates.  During low use periods, tank water is continuously circulated through the UV and filtration system to support cistern disinfection and cleanliness. 

SAFE: Automatic fresh water bypass mechanism immediately switches to fresh water when cistern runs dry, ultraviolet bulb fails, filter needs changing, or water becomes too brackish for proper UV disinfection.  Alarms (with spare alarm contacts) alert building owner when maintenance is required.

A flood detector will shut down entire water system in the event of a water spill and/or leak. 

COMPLETE: System includes UV cells with intensity monitors, filters with pressure differential monitor, pump, pressure tank, pressure switch, tank float switch, tank inlet basket strainer, master control with UV meter and alarm system, and pre-wired power.

Many sizes and configurations available. Contact CATEC for details.

Chemical Systems

CATEC offers a wide variety of chemical injection systems and can provide multiple chemical injection systems on one skid.

RW-UV-10 Pic Aug 2012

Dye injection systems are common to color treated water for visual identification.

For detailed information and recommendations, contact CATEC today.

Chemical Injection

 US Green Build Logo Medium Web viewCATEC is proud to contribute to the Green Building by providing innovative water treatment and reuse products.

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